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Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this business is to provide quality food service by offering a wide varietyof popular products.

All our machines are monitored and serviced in a timely manner in accordance with the demands of the building population.


Who We Are

All That Vending is a local business, independently owned and operated by Norris Williams and his family.

Mr. Williams is a partner with the Arizona Business Enterprise Program (BEP), which functions in a close partnering relationship with Vocational Rehabilitation.  This program offers legally blind persons the opportunity to achieve their full potential through self employment.

Mr. Williams entered the Business Enterprise Program in 1994, after graduationg from the Muds Institute in Phoenix, AZ, where he studied Hospitality Industry Management.

He obtained a certification from the National Restaurant Association, along with completing a Serve-Safe food sanitation course.

His first endeavor in food service was in Mesa's Tri-City building.  After only nine months, he then became the manager of the Tucson Newspaper's main cafeteria where, with nine employees, they regularly fed 500 customers per day.

During that time, Norris managed 21 vending machines, both on and off site, whild also providing food serice to three Pima County Sheriff's Department facilities.


What Else Should You Know?

Says Norris:

"Over the past years I have had the oppotunity to study the operation of a number of different types of vending machines.  I have watched my route grow to nearly 150 vending machines, and am pleased to see continual growth within our business.

I am very pleased and grateful for this program that has afforded me the chance to receive valuable training andd enabling me to grow professionally and be independent.

I welcome the opportunity to expand even more and continue to offer quallity customer service"


About the Arizona Business Enterprise Program

There are no state funds used to support any phase of the Business Enterprise Program.  All funding is derived from contributions from the vending machine operator's income (a percentage of their facility's profits) and maatched federal funding programs and grants. 

BEP derives it's authority to operate under Federal Law Title 20and Arizona State code 23-504.

Machine Information