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Healthy Vending Machine Options

 All That Vending is pleased to be able to offer you many snacks and meals that are lower in calories, fat and sodium, but still packed with good taste.

A sweet treat is tasty now and then, but some people don't want to eat that every day, instead desiring meals or snacks that will fill them with vitamins and fresh food goodness that will keep them alert and performing well all through the day.

Here are some of our healthy snack and beverage options, but you may contact us to discuss our entire line of healthy vending food items.

  • Aquafina, diet teas, smaller servings of Welch's juices, Sprite Zero and Caffeine-free Diet Coke
  • Cliff bars, Corn Nuts, pretzels, Gold Fish, Fig Newtons (fat free)
  • Dole fruit cups, cereal cups
  • Baked potato chips, Pop Chips, Smartfood chips, Chex Mix selected varieties
  • Yogurt and fresh fruit

The Smart Snacking Program

Pima County's Smart Snacking Program uses a color-coded system to guide you in choosing a healthy snack.  Snacks are rated either green, yellow, or red based on nutritional values such as calories, sodium, fat, saturated fat, and sugar.  Below are the green rated healthy snacks we offer.

Healthy Snacks pt 1

Healthy Snacks pt 2

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